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CANCER-CANCER-CANCER: Rocker Ben Kenney’s brain tumor; DJ Bubba Bo Boulanger’s pancreatic cancer; soap star McKenzie Westmore’s (2nd) cancer; Chris Baker’s stroke; Multiple staff at same B.C. school have breast cancer. ENGLISH

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Incubus Member Undergoes Brain Tumor Removal Surgery

Incubus revealed one of its members is stepping away from the band after undergoing a medical procedure that required plenty of recovery time. Bassist Ben Kenney would alter explain [sic] why he needed to undergo surgery, revealing he had a brain tumor removed.

Former NFL Player Chris Baker, 35, Says He Almost Died of a Stroke: ‘God Not Done With Me Yet’

Washington Redskins nose tackle Chris Baker (92) during a NFL game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey The Giants defeated the Redskins 24-13

Chris Baker, a former defensive tackle with Washington’s NFL team, revealed that he experienced a stroke this month that almost cost him his life. The 35-year-old made the announcement in an Instagram Story on Tuesday, which included a picture of him inside a hospital room.

„Tell your loved ones you love ‘em, my life almost ended 2 days ago,” Baker wrote in the post. „I can’t believe I had a stroke but God not done with me yet,” he added.

Retired DJ ‘Bubba Bo’ Boulanger in hospice

January 24, 2023

Bubba Bo photo from WSCH-FM 3.11.21 crop.jpg

Eric „Bubba Bo” Boulanger, a 40-year Greater Cincinnati radio veteran, planned to winter in Florida after retiring from WLW-AM’s American Truckers’ Network show a year ago. He never made it. After experiencing confusion last summer, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain cancer. He had brain surgery for the tumor, chemotherapy and radiation last fall, and entered hospice shortly before Christmas. „He was healthy as an ox,” said longtime friend Mary Kuzan-McConnell about Bubba Bo’s health when he retired a year ago. „It was all very sudden. It was really a shock. It’s so sad,” says Kuzan-McConnell, who did traffic reports years ago for Bubba Bo’s morning show on WSCH-FM, „Eagle Country 93.3,” in Lawrenceburg. Boulanger retired from WSCH-FM in March 2021, after 16 years, on his 65th birthday.

‘Passions’ Star McKenzie Westmore Diagnosed With Cancer Again

January 24, 2023

McKenzie Westmore is best known to soap opera fans as Sheridan Crane on Passions. Westmore played the beloved heroine from 1999 until the show’s cancellation in 2008. Now, the soap opera star is receiving well wishes as she reveals bad news about her health. Westmore is used to trials and tribulations, given her work on the NBC soap opera Passions. But the actor is now facing her own challenges after sharing grim news about her health. On Wednesday, Jan. 18, Westmore tweeted she’d been diagnosed with cancer:

„That moment you’re excited to just get your hair cut and find out after you have cancer. Thankfully caught early & the journey begins! Time to fight,” the actor wrote. In the Twitter thread, Westmore revealed three tumors were found in her uterus, and doctors believed a few surgeries would help.” This is the second time Westmore has been diagnosed with cancer. In 2019, she revealed that she was in remission after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Later that year, she also revealed she’d been diagnosed with Adenomyosis, a gynecological condition affecting the muscular walls of the uterus. After announcing her second cancer diagnosis, Westmore’s comment section was filled with well-wishes from fans. The actor thanked everyone for their support and is positive she’ll beat cancer.


Multiple staff at same B.C. school diagnosed with breast cancer; investigation launched

January 23, 2023

After multiple employees at the same B.C. elementary school were diagnosed with breast cancer, an investigation has been launched to see if the cases are connected. The district superintendent would not say how many staff members at Allouette Elementary School in Maple Ridge were impacted, but did confirm that WorkSafeBC, the BC Centre for Disease Control and the local medical health officer have been notified – and that the cases have caused considerable concern in the community.

„This is more than just numbers, these are individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. It’s impacted them, their families and their colleagues,” Harry Dhillon told CTV News. All of those diagnosed with cancer, he noted, worked in the same wing of the building. Since November, the 450-student elementary school has been tested for friable asbestos, mould, and has undergone water quality testing. So far, Dhillon said, „there are no results from the testing that would indicate there’s a concern for parents.”


Former athlete Gustavo Dacal with rare disease: no mobility in the legs and four operations in nine days

January 16, 2023

Gustavo Dacal, in 2002, and currently hospitalized in...

A few weeks ago it was announced the dramatic situation that Gustavo Dacal (30/03/1977) is living through. Initially it became known that he, who was a 10-time champion of Spain and national javelin record holder, had contracted dengue fever, but this was in part to mask the true disease – a so-called rare – that the Galician former athlete had developed and that he ended having to face. It was a spondylodiscitis, an infection of the spine and adjacent discs that prevents him from having mobility in the lower extremities and that has a very bad prognosis unless it is detected early. According to the former athlete’s closest environment, this prognosis is uncertain at the moment and the ex-athlete’s mobility could be irreversibly damaged, although Dacal is still in a hospital in the Mexican city of Veracruz being treated. Gustavo himself sent a hopeful message to this newspaper: „The worst is over, I hope to get out of this.”


Former Santa Cruz, Guilherme Queiróz suffers sudden illness before taking the field for Brusque

January 20, 2023

<img src=",c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/" alt="(Foto: Divulgação/Brusque FC)”>

32-year-old striker defended Tricolor in 2019, and suffered seizures at Orlando Scarpelli, before facing Atlético CatarinenseA scare in the Santa Catarina Championship left the Brusque team on alert. Striker Guilherme Queiróz, 32, who defended Santa Cruz in 2019, suffered a sudden illness during the warm-up for the match against Atlético Catarinense, at Orlando Scarpelli Stadium. Guilherme Queiróz received first aid while still on the pitch, then was taken by ambulance. He was already conscious before leaving the „Orlando Scarpelli” stadium.

The footballer José Barreto leaves the activity due to a health problem

January 20, 2023

José Barreto leaves the activity for a while due to a heart problem. Photo: Photo: Board of Trustees Press

The young former Board of Trustees striker could not sign at Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza due to a slight heart problem, which requires surgery and will be out of professional activity for a while. José Barreto was not considered by Walter Otta, the Board’s manager, and had to look for new destinations. He resigned with the Paraná club and directed his arrival at Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza, but already in Cuyo lands, due to the medical examination he could not comply with his arrival at „Azul”. In the previous controls, the „Mute” noticed that he has a patent ductus arteriosus, an opening between the blood vessels and the heart, since birth, even though it was not detected in Patrón, since said routine is not carried out. Although the outlook in Mendoza was dark for the striker, after a consultation in Buenos Aires the outlook was clarified for the Villa Clara attacker, who is not in danger, it is not serious, but he must be operated on and treated. In this sense, he should stay away from activity until he undergoes surgery and what recovery will require, around four to five months. For now, he will return to Villaguay and next week he will start treatment with Juan Hermida’s brother, Rojinegro’s family doctor.

CHILE-The journalist, Luis Andaur

The journalist, Luis Andaur, revealed that he suffered a bilateral thrombosis and a heart attack that kept him hospitalized for five days. Recognized for his travels throughout Chile and the world, Andaur has created a name that people associate with extreme experiences. However, he recently experienced one of the most complex situations in his life. „This happened to me recently. I didn’t want to alarm you, just respond to many followers who have had a bad time, due to an accident or illness, and they tell me their problems,” he wrote at the beginning in his Instagram post. „The truth is, I put all my strength and my head to get out of this misfortune. With giant thrombi in both lungs plus a heart attack, my chances were few. So I decided to get ahead. I was going to have sequelae, but I am something tough and a fighter”. Having said this, the journalist went on to tell how his recovery process has been „after six days I was jogging and riding a bike. And now, months later, I have too much energy, it seems that I cleaned myself up. And I will not give up what I like it. And with a powerful message to everyone to win over adversity”.

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